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Affiliates & Collaborators
Collaboration with the Studio Bontempi

Principles and Aims of the Course

The course is not a journey through the history of architecture and urbanism but a journey through the principles of the tradition that regulate them.

Considering Urbanism and Architecture to be inseparable, in these four weeks students will approach the variety and complexity of Italian historic cities and villages and their composition and mix of private (Res Privata) and public (Res Publica) spaces. They will learn how the Principles of Tradition have created harmony between different buildings typologies and functions as well as between vernacular and monumental architecture.

The class is divided in theory and practical lessons. Students learn to develop critical analysis following the Vitruviani principal of “Firmitas, Utilitas e Venustas” (Strength, Utility and Beauty) and also the principals of classic urbanistic architecture and “Genius loci” Italiano, in this matter students will be able to create their own array of architectural elements that follow the local “Italian” classical and traditional concepts. In addition, students will acquire a better understanding of the sequence of space and morphology of the Italian urban environment.

Fabio Paoletti, Project Manager of the architecture studio Pier Carlo Bontempi (winner of the Driehaus Prize 2014) will guide the students in their projects. Studio projects will include analysis and deep comprehension of the sites selected for the final project, which will include the design of a contemporary building with traditional architectural elements. The class lead by Dr, Paoletti includes international exchange projects through the collaboration with the University of Engineering of Ferrara and Bologna.

Company Profile

“Pier Carlo Bontempi – Architettura civile & Disegno Urbano” ( is an Italian architectural firm located in Gaiano fifteen miles south of the Renaissance city of Parma, in the heart of the northern Italian countryside. The architectural practice founded in 1992 by Pier Carlo Bontempi has become the leading office of traditional architecture in Italy an Europe as well.

The studio undertakes architecture projects with the goal of constructing new buildings and towns following a traditional design approach.

Pier Carlo Bontempi won the national prize for the restoration of sites in the historic center of Parma (1981-1987) and was awarded second prize in the competition for the urban redevelopment of Marsham Street, London (1996). In 1998, he received the European Award for the Reconstruction of the City organized by the Philippe Rotthier Foundation for Architecture. In December 2000, he delivered the John Burgee Annual Lecture at the University of Notre Dame in the United States – he won the Charter Awards of the New Urbanism, CNU IX, New York City, USA (2001) – and won the competition for the realisation of the Place de Toscane in Val d’Europe, the new town created just outside Paris under the initiative of Euro Disney (2002). Place de Toscane has won the 2008 Palladio Award, Boston (USA).

Pier Carlo Bontempi is the recipient of the 2014 Richard H. Driehaus Prize at the University of Notre Dame.

Strada Nazionale, 96
43044 Gaiano di Collecchio (Parma)

tel. (+39) 0521809900
fax (+39) 0521809901

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via Risorgimento, 8/B
61032 Fano (PU) Italy
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via dei cappuccini, 15
61029 Urbino (PU) Italy

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