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Urbino Campus

The campus is located outside the city walls, one-kilometer distance, a 15 min. walk on flat land from the center of town. The campus is a modern facility that currently functions as a campus for Italian students, surrounded by a magnificent panorama to the green hills that sit just below the buildings.


The campus was designed by famous architect Giancarlo De Carlo, who along with a committee of Italian and international students worked together for several years in the planning and design of the campus.
Together they studied a concept in order to create a campus that reflected student life in a historical context, but with modern facilities that met all the needs for student life away from home. Even if the campus is full of students, it was designed to give a sense of unlimited open-space so that students, faculty and visitors may never feel crowded or disturbed.


Giancarlo De Carlo, has worked on the restoration of many historical buildings in Urbino. The campus is composed of a restaurant, conference rooms, library and theater. Within the campus lies the residence hall, these are comprised dorms for italian students.
The residence hall has 24 hr. reception. A video rental facility, TV room, wireless lounging areas, laundry rooms, storage rooms for luggage, public telephones, a café, billiards and reading room.


Lecture rooms, studios, and faculty offices will be available for exclusive use of US students, they are equipped with video conferencing capabilities, WiFi access, and all other amenities required. Other areas and/or facilities are to be used in conjunction with Italian students.

Campus UTSA Student Regina Cardenas
Campus UTSA Student Stephanie Estrada
Campus UTSA Student Alix Anopol
Campus Architect Darryl Ohlenbusch
Urbino study abroad is a trans-formative experience. Immersing themselves in the Italian culture for a three month period of time allows students to become more profoundly effected by the experience. Students establish lifelong friendships with students from all over Europe as they interact with the population at University of Urbino. They learn about cultural and societal differences and similarities, as well as the Italian mindset of living a good life.

This rich learning experience helps prepare participants for entering their professions, as well as expanding their horizons in a broader sense. To travel is to life... and learn.
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Global Education Ventures
via Risorgimento, 8/B
61032 Fano (PU) Italy
Global Education Ventures
c/o Collegio Aquilone
via dei cappuccini, 15
61029 Urbino (PU) Italy

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