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Program & Services     Custom Program

For each group coming to the facility there will be an opportunity to "customize" what suits that particular group and the objectives of their respective study abroad curriculum.  Prior to coming, an agreement will be reached for additional services that can be arranged through GEV's provided management. Academic faculty can also be contracted to teach students in their respective fields.

A range of academic and extracurricular activities and instruction can be added to any specific academic schedule.
(see Services)

Extracurricular activities may also include visit to local agriculture producers (local cheese making, wine making, olive oil harvesting and production, organic food production).


Faculty-led Programs and collaboration with Italian Firms
American universities prefer academic programs that are lead by US faculty. GEV academic programs in Urbino are mostly led by US faculty.

Faculty is required by their department to meet specific criteria and follow academic progress and other duties as specified by department head.

For technical classes in architecture, costruction and engenering we have developed strategic collaborations with important private studios and firms of architecture and engeeniring, that can collaboarate and co-teach a specific part of the program. The faculty or the department can decide to add a specific part in their program adding a collaboration, for example, with the studio MTaA of Giancarlo De Carlo or with the Studio Pier Carlo Bontempi.
(See Affiliates & Collaborators)


University of Urbino Faculty – Custom Academic Programs
Specifically for Humanistic classes, such as Italian lenguage, History, Art History, Music, etc, GEV contracts with faculty from the University of Urbino (UNIURB) from a wide range of academic programs. UNIURB faculty con be contracted for teaching a semester-long program, workshops or seminars. Experienced Italian faculty proposed to US universities are fully accredited and can teach classes in English.
(See Affiliates & Collaborators)

Italian language classes  can also be contracted and worked into a US faculty-led program and are highly suggested

Programs are for the following periods:
Spring: January to April (13 to 16 weeks)
Summer: May to June (4 to 8 weeks)
Fall: September to December (13 to 16 weeks)

Pricing for program periods depend on amount of students, duration of the program, and requested academic travel involved. If you are interested in running a full semester program or a 4 week program during our program periods please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Custom Program UTSA Student Nick Faller
Custom Program UTSA Student Stephanie Estrada
Custom Program a UTSA Student Nick Faller
Custom Program a UTSA Student Stephanie Estrada
Custom Program b UTSA Student Nick Faller
Urbino study abroad is a trans-formative experience. Immersing themselves in the Italian culture for a three month period of time allows students to become more profoundly effected by the experience. Students establish lifelong friendships with students from all over Europe as they interact with the population at University of Urbino. They learn about cultural and societal differences and similarities, as well as the Italian mindset of living a good life.

This rich learning experience helps prepare participants for entering their professions, as well as expanding their horizons in a broader sense. To travel is to life... and learn.
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