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The decision you have taken to embark on an international study abroad program is an enormous step forward in your life, opening doors to a cultural, social and academic experience that will remain as one of the most important, rewarding and unforgettable experiences. You will probably travel often in your lifetime, but nothing will equal your study abroad trip; you will be surrounded by fellow classmates and explore history, architecture and art with academic professionals who will lead you through this adventure in the most profound and committed manner.

I remember many years ago when I made the same decision you did.  I was a landscape architecture student living in California, and although I had traveled extensively I had never experienced anything like it working in a classroom abroad, surrounded by a completely different landscape, people and customs.

Studying and traveling with the professors, learning history, art and architecture through their knowledge and experience has proven to be invaluable. Today after all these years as I come back to the cities that I had visited with my fellow students I “see” our built and natural landscapes through different lenses.  I am open to cultural differences and have a deeper understanding of how these systems work, giving me an unmistakable advantage in my personal and professional life.

Beyond the great academic advantage, the most emotive moments were spent discovering the culture, the way people lived, how they related to their surrounding, learning the language and having fun just “being away”, as well as making friends that would last a life time and prove to be critical connections for the future.

As your departure date nears, you are probably starting to prepare for your time abroad.  We want to make this international transition as easy and enjoyable as possible; this is why we have created several resources that will be sent to you via email by your faculty prior to departure.

Once you are in Urbino you will receive additional information on living in Urbino, academic policies and procedures, and other pertinent program information such as telephone numbers, activities and other services available to you. We will continue to prepare for your arrival and look forward to meeting you in person when you join us in Urbino.

benvenuti Daniel Longoria
benvenuti Daniel Longoria
benvenuti Daniel Longoria
benvenuti Daniel Longoria
benvenuti UTSA Student Mariel Vazquez
benvenuti UTSA Student Mariel Vazquez
benvenuti UTSA Student Mariel Vazquez
benvenuti UTSA Student Mariel Vazquez
benvenuti UTSA Student Mariel Vazquez
benvenuti UTSA Student Nick Faller
benvenuti UTSA Student Faith Braverman
benvenuti UTSA Student Stephanie Estrada
benvenuti UTSA Student Stephanie Estrada
Urbino study abroad is a trans-formative experience. Immersing themselves in the Italian culture for a three month period of time allows students to become more profoundly effected by the experience. Students establish lifelong friendships with students from all over Europe as they interact with the population at University of Urbino. They learn about cultural and societal differences and similarities, as well as the Italian mindset of living a good life.

This rich learning experience helps prepare participants for entering their professions, as well as expanding their horizons in a broader sense. To travel is to life... and learn.
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Global Education Ventures
via Risorgimento, 8/B
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Global Education Ventures
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